Leanne Abigail

Allround equestrian girl & student

Leanne started vlogging about het equestrian life in 2o15. Together with her pony she shared the adventures that she got, from trailrides to neckrope riding. This soon lead to a big group of passionate horse fans as followers.
Her pony Abigail is retired and Leanne now rides the young black beauty Miss Balou D. She is educating her into an allround sport horse.

On her Instagram page she posts daily about the lessons that she learns in the equestrian world and she takes her followers during the training process of her young horse. Stories are a daily thing as well and Leanne asks advice from her followers or gives tips to them. On IGTV she can be found with vlogs, unboxings and riding videos. Her followers are a varied group of horse lovers from younger children to young adults.

Leanne wants to inspire her followers not to do the same thing everyday with their horse. She also gives an insight in the education of a young horse.

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