The Emotional Pony

Australian Equestrian Influencers

The Emotional Pony is a diary where Manu, a beautiful horse with patches, and Maria, a sleep-deprived Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Student, share their encounters, first-world-pony problems, little setbacks and victories.

With their completely out-of-control obsession with matchy-matchy, Manu and ‘Small Human’ Maria love showing the most amazing sets of clothes and training gear to their audience. In addition to this, they both love poking fun at themselves and the challenges that come with horse ownership. Maria tries to make their content as relatable and genuine as possible so that others can look at their posts and go “oh, that sounds familiar!”.

The main thing the duo likes to pass on to their followers is that it doesn’t matter where you stand, what you do, the level you’re at, how often you ride or if you have your own horse because in the end we all share that same crazy love for horses. With this message, they try to bring those people together by sharing funny, horse related posts and encouraging people to share their stories with them. Because of this, Maria and Manu have grown a very genuine and active follower base, of which they’re very proud.

Lastly, as Maria is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Student, she occasionally brings some vet school adventures into the account as well.

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