Think outside the box

Maartje Harms and Noaz Asbroek from Hengelo have been involved with influencer marketing in the equestrian sector from an early age.

Until the year 2019 they made hilarious skits on the YouTube platform, unfortunately it all went wrong behind the scenes. Noaz had been struggling with depressive symptoms for a number of years, which led to him being admitted to a clinic. After this period, the duo decided to take off their masks. Their mission is to use their reach to create a stir about youth mental health and other topics we like to avoid. They do this mainly on Instagram and TikTok with a total reach of 95K followers. Together with their horses Contessa and Ikita they take their target group with them with the necessary struggles that everyone recognizes. Their openness inspires other young people to do the same. Because behind every complaint is an enormous power!

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