Pony Skills

Allround horse girl

The young girl Jaylynn is a equestrian girl at heart and she has a big dream of playing part in a horse movie with her black Shetlander mare Lola. Her first leading role is the book written by Diana, her mother, named ‘The adventurs of Jaylynn & Lola’.
Lola is a very special Shetlander, because she doesn’t has the naughtiness that Shetlander usually have. When Jaylynn was only 3 years old, she rode a Bixie test on her own with lola. Jaylynn also rides on Betty Bombfire, a Welshpony where she want to ride dressage and western with.

Together with her mother Diana, Jaylynn wants to inspire young children and show them how amazing it is to have pony of your own. Besides that, she shows parents how fun it is for children to go horseriding.

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