Influencer marketing with succes. Specialized in the equestrian market

Go Social is leading in its equestrian network when it comes to Dutch and international equestrian influencers. Have you used influencers yet to draw more attention to your brand? Influencers have a big reach and can easily help you reach your target audience.

Because of our wide diversity of equestrian social media accounts, we can offer a solution that will fit your brand and can be adjusted as desired by you.
We introduce to you, the Go Social Talents; these are professional accounts with an extensive reach within the equestrian target groups. They have experience promoting brands and products through their social media channels.

Besides the Talents we have the Go Social Creators, which is a big part within the Go Social Family. A group that is enthusiastic and curious to learn more about social media. All in order to grow with their account. Because of the wide diversity within the Creators, you will reach a wide range of equestrian target groups, mostly in the Netherlands. One of the possibilities is to use our ‘Creatorbomb’. That’s the way to get your brand in the spotlight. Curious? Please feel free to contact us.

Besides Dutch and Belgian influencers, we have a wide range of international equestrian accounts all over the world. From Australia to England and from Germany to France. They each tell their own story and are very enthusiastic. Do you want to give your brand more attention internationally? Please feel free to contact us.

And last but not least: the Youngstars! An exclusive group where parents, together with their child(ren)and own pony or horse, want to start their social media adventure. These are high quality accounts that offer both group and per account type of collaborations. Do you want to reach a young target group in the Netherlands? Please feel free to contact us.