Veri Zuidgeest

Born to be an equestrian girl

If you say equestrian girl, you say Veri! The first stuffed animal she got when she was born, was a horse and when she was only 3 years old, she started with the weekly toddler lessons at the local riding school. Dit is now her second home, because after having several lease ponies, she got her own pony in July 2020 named Coco. Coco is a real sportpony and together with Veri they want to be the best dressage combination!

On her Instagram page, Veri takes you with her every day as a young rider on her way to the top. Learning, falling off and getting up, having fun with your horse and sometimes taking a jump, her love for matching outfits for her and Coco, the care and competitions, her two younger sisters that love horses as well and her equestrian friends at the stable… You can see all of this on her Instagram diary.

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