Driver & horse lover

Lara Davids started horseriding when she was 8 years old and 5 years later her love for driving began. She started with 2 Shetlanders and now with a American standardbred. Lara got 2 young Fjords in 2020 and they’re born in 2017 and 2020.

The mare Tasha from 2017 and the, still stallion, Wick from 2020 have the same father, the famous Gra Fjord stallion Drafur. The horses live next to their home, in the middle of a residential area. Next to her own Fjords, she also takes care of and trains an American Standardbred Yero. Since 2019 Lara and owner Lotte are driving during competitions.Via her Instagram page, Podcast and YouTube channel Lara shows her followers how to drive, how to educate young ponies and all the other things around the horses.

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