Zusjes Conijn

Fanatical equestrian sisters

The sisters Conijn consists of Annabel and Fabienne Conijn. Annabel is 10 years old and she loves dressage! Whens he was 8, she already was regional champion in the Dutch M1 dressage. Fabienne is 7 years old and she likes jumping the most. At her first official dressage test, she got 204 points. The girls also like vaulting and they have been doing it for several years!

Annabel and Fabienne are living at Stal Conijn, in the beautiful surroundings of Ommen, NL. Together with their pony’s Gino Vanelli, Hunnenhoek’s Misty and Forest Gump they have great adventures. You can find the girls more in the stables than in the house. They take their followers with them on their Instagram page with the daily training and the activities at the stables.

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