De Bock Stables

Our equestrian life

At De Bock Stables everything is about the live of having 3 ponies and 1 horse at home. The followers can see how the oldest daugther Faye of 13 years old and her sister Annabel of 11 years old grow. As a rider, but also as a combination with their ponies. Faye likes to jump with hr pony Discovery and wants to find out if eventing fits her. Annabell loves dressage the most and is very passionate. She hopes to reach the Dutch top of dressage with her pony Esperanza.

The girls learned to ride on a pony, which is still at their home. His name is Specialized and he’s a super handsome teddy bear. The dressage horse of their mother is also at their home. Besides riding, the follower can see the daily care of the 4 horses. Even on vacation, they take the horses with them and they do some amazing beach rides. Many of these moments are captured in high quality and shared with their followers. De Bock Stables is a versatile account tht speaks to a wide audience.

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